Nursing Profession


Nursing Profession

Who is a Nurse?

Nurses are professionals that provide and monitor patient care, educate patients and family members about health conditions, provide medications and treatments, give emotional support and advice to patients and their family members, and more. They also work with healthy people by providing preventative health care and wellness information.


Is nursing a good career?

It's known for being a stable career that offers growth and advancement opportunities, and for being a fulfilling job that's more than just a paycheck. Just because nursing is a good career for others doesn't necessarily mean it's the right fit for you.
A career in nursing is a suitable option for an individual who has good organization and communication skills and enjoys caring for people. To practice as a nurse, there are various education and certification requirements that must be met. These are covered in more detail below, in addition to expectations of workplace roles and environment.

"Every nurse was drawn to nursing because of a desire to care, to serve, or to help." —Christina Feist-Heilmeier, RN

Workplace Environment

The majority of nurses work in a hospital, although there are several other workplaces where a nurse may practice, including residential care facilities, medical clinics, in-home care services, governmental services, schools, military and research facilities.
The role of the nurse is physically demanding and nurses typically spending much of their time at work walking, bending, and standing. They also need to lift objects and move patients, which can contribute to back injuries in the long term.
Given the close proximity to sick individuals who may have serious illnesses, nurses are more likely than other individuals to be affected by infections and exposure to hazardous drugs. There are strict guidelines in place for safe hygiene and injury protection practice that help to reduce the risk that nurses will experience related effects.
Due to the requirement of continuous patient care at hospitals (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), nurses typically work in shifts and may be required to work at night, on weekends, and holidays.

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